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Come visit us at ILCAD 2019 on June 6th in Amersfoort. There we will show how we contribute to making level crossings safer around the world. 

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The International Level Crossing Awareness Day is a joint commitment from 28 countries raising public awareness on the dangers of misbehaviour at level crossings. Level crossing accidents account for 28% of all rail fatalities based on European statistics. Road and rail organisations from participating countries acknowledged their shared responsibility to deal with this issue by organising safety events to develop public awareness and safe behaviour at and around level crossings. ILCAD, spearheaded by the UIC draws railway industry representatives, road authorities, academics and more from around the world - aims to raise awareness about the dangers associated with the road/rail interfaces (level crossings).


This year's focus is on professional drivers. With many experts from within the industry, we will discuss how we can improve safety for professional drivers such as drivers of trucks, buses, coaches, taxis, industrial or farming vehicles.