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BS Level crossing installation

Boom gates are used to close level crossings both visually and physically with their boom arm. With one of VRS Railway Industry’s new modern level crossing installations, you are certain that you posses a level crossing installation that functions under all circumstances. 

Level crossing barrier
BS base

The base of the BS-boom gate consists out of a steel frame with a base plate that ensures maximum rigidity is achieved. The foundation consists of a premanufactured concrete element with cable bushings casted in. The mechanism to bring the boom arm in motion is built into the frame.  Due to the position contacts one can see the boom arm’s position remotely. Normally gravity causes the boom arm to go down. The closing and opening times are adjustable, note that the BS-boom gate is very fast. 

Due to its constant striving in development, VRS Railway Industry continues to be a leader in level crossing installations for all markets. Without compromising safety and reliability, a very low ‘total cost of ownership’ can be achieved.