Electronic bell type EBA

The electronic bell made by VRS Railway Industry can handle virtually all power supplies, sounds and weather circumstances. It is everywhere employable, a familiar sound, easy to install and reliable. 

EBA bell mounted
EBA bell mounted on a level crossing installation

The bell is suitable for train, tram and bus crossings and bridge closing systems. VRS Railway Industry’s EBA bell features a day/night switch whereby at night, upon a command from the control cabinet, it reduces the sound pressure level by 6 dB(A). This feature offers a big advantage in densely populated urban areas at night.


The casing of the bell consists of cast aluminium. Therefore, the bell is suitable for all weather conditions, including a tropical climate. The EBA bell has a wide variety of sleeves and mounting brackets for easy installation. The EBA bell does not have any moving parts and is maintenancefree.


VRS always tries to adapt its products to specific customers requests. In this case, it means the bell can be easily configured with the sound requested by our customer.