VRS Railway Industry; unprecedented in many areas

Signals, level crossing installations and points. These are the products whereby VRS Railway Industry has earned its reputation. As well as these three main product lines VRS Railway Industry develops and supplies a variety of rail-related electro-technical materials. Besides this, VRS Railway Industry can also provide control cabinets for you.

Level crossing installations

The AHOB installations in The Netherlands are provided by VRS Railway Industry. Rail industries choose VRS Railway Industry because of its application to research & development, delivery...

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Point machine

VRS Railway Industry's points are particularly operationally reliable and are widely used both nationally and abroad. VRS Railway Industry is a leader in this specialist market where operational...

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Signals are vitally important. Therefore VRS Railway Industry keeps on innovating. The latest generation of led signals are more visible under all circumstances and from all angles. The led...

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Power Supply and Control Cabinets

Various rail products from VRS Railway Industry are used on a large scale National and also international. V RS delivers high quality power supply and control cabinets for various purposes based...

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